National Velociraptor Awareness Day

Today is National Velociraptor Awareness Day. Velociraptor, the (generally) 1.6’ tall genus of dromaeosaurid therapods, were feathered and fluffy, and honestly looked more like birds than the 6’ tall naked creatures you see on Jurassic Park. They lived around 71-75 million years ago, and most of them can be found in Mongolia. Recent studies have been made and have discovered that predatory dinos, velociraptor included, most likely hunted at night. Though this isn’t very surprising, it does force us to challenge what we believe about dinosaurs and their metabolism, particularly about the heated debate surrounding whether or not dinosaurs were cold blooded. Other studies and fossils in the fossil record also show that raptors were pack hunters. This is one thing Jurassic Park was very right about. while on their own they look like a colourful long turkey, in a pack they can be extremely deadly. Very few fossils have shown a battle or a hunting scenario where only one velociraptor is involved, and those usually are between a raptor and a smaller prey (like protoceratops, as seen in the famous battle found in Mongolia: ) 

The closest living creatures to the therapods of old are birds. So this velociraptor awareness day, be aware of the birds around you, too. They were hunters at one point in time. (some still are, like hawks, eagles, and chickens)

You have just been made aware.